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Tyga Is Attempting to Sever His Cash Money Ties

As a record label, Cash Money has had a chunk of problems come to light in recent months. Last year, Lil Wayne publically declared that…
By: Brennan Carley / February 23, 2015

Tyga Claps Back at Drake’s New Diss Track on Twitter

Last night, Drake dropped a new album called If You're Reading This It's Too Late, to the delight of his fans, which apparently doesn't…
By: Brennan Carley / February 13, 2015

Tyga Casts Drake’s Ex-Girlfriend in ‘Make It Work’ Video

Tyga hasn't tried to hide the fact that he doesn't like fellow Young Moneymaker Drake, but now the rapper seems to have elevated the…
By: James Grebey / December 8, 2014

Tyga’s New Diss Track Might Be About Drake

Last week, we heard the startling, life-altering news that Young Money rapper Tyga had fallen out with fellow labelmate (and arguably one of the…
By: Brennan Carley / October 27, 2014

Tyga ‘Doesn’t Like Drake as a Person,’ But Loves Chris Brown

Tyga might be looking to leave Young Money and go out on his own — partially because the young rapper doesn't much care…
By: James Grebey / October 22, 2014

Rap Songs of the Week: Lil Wayne, Re-Energized on Young Money’s ‘Senile’

Future feat. André 3000, "Benz Friendz""FUTURE SOUND LIKE A MICROWAVE" went one moderately popular meme from last year, an assessment that felt more like a…
By: Brandon Soderberg / April 25, 2014

Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Tyga Want to Be Remembered on ‘Senile’

Not only is Lil Wayne not dead, he's rapping his ass off on "Senile," a creeping new future-trap banger from the forthcoming Young Money…
By: Chris Martins / February 24, 2014

Rap Release of the Week: DJ Mustard’s ‘Ketchup’

DJ Mustard is best known for producing two radio-rap hits that stand out because of their considered use of just a few sounds and their…
By: Brandon Soderberg / June 11, 2013

Major Lazer Blow Up Butts in Absurdist ‘Bubble Butt’ Video

"Bubble Butt" (SPIN's 40th Best Song of the Year so far) is the secret gem of Major Lazer's Free the Universe — a…
By: Jordan Sargent / May 28, 2013

Tyga, ‘Hotel California’ (Young Money/Cash Money/Republic)

If you go to Safeway, a supermarket chain based in California, you can buy an off-brand soda called "Dr. Skipper." It's probably the third-best Dr.
By: Jeff Weiss / April 12, 2013

Rap Songs of the Week: Dirty Money Lives On!

Nice to see Kalenna, the other member of Diddy's Dirty Money project showing up on a radio-ready song with Rich Boy (who also hasn't really…
By: Brandon Soderberg / April 10, 2013

Tyga Wood: Young Money MC Gets Into Porn Biz With ‘Rack City XXX’

At 22, Young Money rapper Tyga would fall into the "barely legal" category, but that's not stopping the heavily tatted Compton native from starting hi…
By: Chris Martins / September 11, 2012

The Problem With Hip-Hop in 2012: Not Enough Street Rap!

If you've been reading the latest in the endless cycle of complaints about rap music's pernicious influence — Google's colossal waste of time,…
By: Brandon Soderberg / July 24, 2012

Rap’s Best of 2012, So Far

January and February were light on event records. Rick Ross' overrated Rich Forever seemed to demand we take it seriously simply because it's stuffed with…
By: Brandon Soderberg / February 28, 2012

Why Tyga’s ‘Careless World’ Might Not Debut Top 10

Though Tyga's acronymous name (Thank You God Always) might've won a bit of his affection, we're betting Martin Luther King, Jr. probably wouldn't have approved…
By: Devon Maloney / February 24, 2012

Hear Tyga’s ‘Rack City’ Remix With Young Jeezy, T.I.

We're not saying Tyga's "Rack City" is the best song on the radio right now. Wait, actually, we're saying exactly that. Listen to this remix…
By: Marc Hogan / January 27, 2012
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