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‘Star Wars’ Cantina Band Auditions: Watch Ben Folds, Mark McGrath, More

Star Wars Day came and went, but we might as well call 2014 Star Wars Year as anticipation (and promotion) builds for Episode…
By: Chris Martins / May 5, 2014

Mark McGrath Refuses to Let Go of the ’90s, Books Under the Sun Tour

The Mark McGrath & Friends Cruise drowned before it ever set sail, but the Sugar Ray frontman has mapped another nostalgia-baiting tour through…
By: Kyle McGovern / March 21, 2013

Mark McGrath’s Cruise Fest Sinks Under Weight of Own Inanity

Unbuckle that life vest and defrost those spiky tips: The Mark McGrath & Friends Cruise has been canceled. How do we know? Well, the seafaring…
By: Chris Martins / February 28, 2013

Shipwreck: Mark McGrath Captains Cruise Starring Smash Mouth, Spin Doctors, More

In yesterday's post about a very ambitious Kickstarter user, the '90s-nostalgizing Daniel Nadolny surmised, "I'm not sure what happened to [the Spin Doctors], really. I…
By: Chris Martins / January 12, 2013

Jane’s Addiction, Porno for Pyros Rock “Perrypalooza”

Nothing quite says "happy birthday" like a semi-tipsy dude dropping rhymes about banging your girlfriend.
By: Jason Bracelin / April 13, 2009