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Shipwreck: Mark McGrath Captains Cruise Starring Smash Mouth, Spin Doctors, More

Mark McGrath Captains Cruise Festival Starring Smash Mouth, Spin Doctors, More

In yesterday’s post about a very ambitious Kickstarter user, the ’90s-nostalgizing Daniel Nadolny surmised, “I’m not sure what happened to [the Spin Doctors], really. I would imagine they had a couple of records and some minor festival success.” Well, it turns out those boho-hipster funk-pop progenitors are not only still around, but they’re indeed set to play a festival … on a boat. Both shockingly and strangely not, Sugar Ray frontman and television personality Mark McGrath is captaining his very own cruise ship concert, the creatively named Mark McGrath & Friends Cruise.

If you thought taking wine-tasting lessons from James Murphy on an ocean liner was odd, well, strap on your life vest! The S.S. MacGee leaves Miami on October 18 and, much like the Coachella cruise that we narrowly escaped with our lives, dips down to Nassau in the Bahamas before making land stateside again on October 21. But the magic happens on the water, where fans will be treated not only to performances by the Spin Doctors and Sugar Ray, natch, but also: Smash Mouth, Gin Blossoms, Cracker, Vertical Horizon, the Verve Pipe, and Marcy Playground. Someone better tell Jordan Catalano.

Need another excuse to dust off that old flannel? Ed Roland of Collective Soul and Ed Kowalczyk of Live (both Eds!) are planning special acoustic performances. We weren’t sure if this was real either, so we checked, and found this statement on the Blossoms’ site: “This is going to be a really exciting and rockin’ time says Robin. It’s a great way for fans to see 10 artists up close, hang with us & party! The talent line up is stellar, all of us have toured together throughout the years. There’s some really great musical chemistry on board and ticket holders can choose to be involved in interactive fun with the artists.”

Which part of that did singer Robin Wilson say? We’re confused. Anyhow, prices range from $649 to $1,799 per person depending on the quality of room. Regardless, just remember that every morning when you wake up that’s not a halo hanging on the corner of your four-post bed — it’s a life preserver, and you’d be wise to keep it close. Oh Maya, you missed your chance and now look at us.