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Death Grips Play First Post-‘Breakup’ Tour Date in Seattle

Death Grips continue to backpedal on their previously announced breakup — first with the double album, The Powers That B, and now with a full-fledged…
Rachel Brodsky / June 20, 2015

Death Grips Get on Their Hands and Knees in ‘The Powers That B’ Video

Death Grips have a new video for Jenny Death track “The Powers That B,” which also happens to be the title track of the band’…
Rachel Brodsky / June 8, 2015

Death Grips Share Album By Mysterious Band the I.L.Y.’s

Those tricksters in Death Grips are at it again. Late Wednesday night, a Twitter account long rumored to be associated with the band shared a…
Colin Joyce / June 4, 2015

Review: Death Grips Reach Their Punk Zenith on Double Album ‘The Powers That B’

At least one trick on Death Grips’ The Powers That B is one of the oldest in the book: the double album that could fit…
Dan Weiss / April 3, 2015

Watch Death Grips’ Dizzying ‘I Break Mirrors With My Face in the United States’ Video

Shortly after announcing a world tour, the seemingly not-broken-up Death Grips have released a new video for “I Break Mirrors With My Face in the…
Rachel Brodsky / March 27, 2015

Death Grips Announce World Tour So, Uh, Maybe They’re Not Broken Up

Death Grips just announced a lengthy, extensive world tour. ...Which is kind of weird because didn't they break up? The California punk-hop trio, which has a…
James Grebey / March 24, 2015

Death Grips Drop Howling New Track, ‘On GP,’ Off Forthcoming ‘Jenny Death’

Since last year, Death Grips have supplied the quintessential “will they or won’t they (stay broken up)” narrative that the music industry needs to survive.
Brennan Carley / March 13, 2015

Death Grips Release Mysterious Friday the 13th Performance Clip

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Death Grips are back again with more mystery. We’re now over six months out from the official demise of…
Colin Joyce / February 14, 2015

Review: Death Grips Rise From the Dead With the Explosive ‘Fashion Week’

It’s hard out here for a troll. Are we to believe that maybe once people were used to Death Grips’ musical and extracurricular antics both…
Dan Weiss / January 6, 2015

Stream Death Grips’ Surprise Instrumental LP, ‘Fashion Week’

The always unpredictable (and supposedly defunct) Death Grips have dropped a surprise all-instrumental record titled Fashion Week. Though it’s not the previously announced jenny death, Redditors have…
Rachel Brodsky / January 5, 2015
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