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Watch Madonna, Daft Punk, Jack White, Kanye West, and More Convene for Jay Z’s Tidal

We know Jay Z's new streaming service Tidal is coming later today (along with a super-secret press conference featuring the Roc Natio…
By: Brennan Carley / March 30, 2015

Daft Punk Made a Film for Nile Rodgers’ New Album

Daft Punk enlisted Nile Rodgers a couple of years ago for help on their Grammy-winning record Random Access Memories and based o…
By: Colin Joyce / February 21, 2015

Julian Casablancas Wants Daft Punk To Release Their Second, ‘Really Weird’ Collaboration

Last year, Daft Punk teamed up with Julian Casablancas for Random Access Memories' "Instant Crush," but the former Strokes singer now says they…
By: James Grebey / November 13, 2014

Pharrell Dances Around a Forest With Daft Punk Impostors in ‘Gust of Wind’ Video

In Pharrell's new video for his Daft Punk-featuring song "Gust of Wind," the multi-threat finds himself wandering through a forest filled with dancing women and…
By: Brennan Carley / October 7, 2014

Pharrell Finds Daft Punk-Shaped Boulders in ‘Gust of Wind’ Video Teaser

Though Pharrell just released another cutesy animated visual for "It Girl," the hat-wearing multi-hyphenate superstar is already teasing the release of another cli…
By: Colin Joyce / October 4, 2014

One of the Daft Punk Droids May Be Going Solo

After last month's foreign newspaper-powered prank involving plagiarism and Tame Impala, take this potential news with a grain of salt. According to the independent French…
By: Brennan Carley / September 3, 2014

7 Albums to Stream: DJ Mustard, Daft Punk, Kimbra, and More

Revel in theses last few weeks of summer by streaming new albums from DJ Mustard, Daft Punk, Kimbra, and more.
By: Shannen Gaffney / August 15, 2014

Stream Daft Punk’s ‘Human After All’ Remix Album, at Last

Shortly after the release of their divisive 2005 album Human After All, Daft Punk issued a collection of remixes by the like…
By: Colin Joyce / August 11, 2014

The French Are Making a Daft Punk Documentary

A new French documentary on Daft Punk is underway. The one-hour film was announced at non-fiction conference Sunny Side, Variety reports, and…
By: Colin Stutz / June 26, 2014

See David Bowie’s Daft Punk’d Album Cover Art

UPDATE: The image appears to be a newly edited version of a photo that ran in Lemon Magazine in the late '00s.Daft Punk'…
By: Marc Hogan / April 25, 2014

‘Parks and Recreation’ Brings Daft Punk to Pawnee, Disses the Lumineers

Parks and Recreation has always been great with the music references. April's Neutral Milk Hotel obsession, Andy's love of Dave Matthews, Ben's Letter…
By: Dan Reilly / April 4, 2014

This Daft Punk, ‘Homestar Runner’ Mashup Is to the Limit

Sure, plenty of folks are drooling over Daft Punk's new T-shirts (or the retro ads for said T-shirts), but above you'll find something…
By: Chris Martins / March 31, 2014

Kim and Kanye’s Vogue Cover Gets Daft Punk’d

Last week, Vogue unveiled their much ballyhooed (also, hella booed) Kim Kardashian and Kanye West cover. The Yeezus-maker has, of course, been fighting to…
By: Chris Martins / March 25, 2014

Daft Punk Make Paul McCartney Smile in ‘Get Lucky’ Grammys Rehearsal Video

Before Daft Punk won the Album of the Year Grammy for Random Access Memories, the robotic French duo performed "Get Lucky" with…
By: Dan Reilly / March 19, 2014

Rap Songs of the Week: Le1f’s Bold Banger, and Jay Z’s Mystifying Daft Punk Team-Up

100s ft. Redinho, "Ten Freaky Hoes"The "hipster Iceberg Slim" snarl of 100s' Ice Cold Perm appeared out of nowhere back in 2012, with cloud-rap pimp-slap vibe…
By: Brandon Soderberg / March 13, 2014

Is This Daft Punk, Jay Z Song a Fake?

Below, you'll find a track supposedly called "Computerized," supposedly by Daft Punk with Jay Z. The song made the rounds o…
By: Chris Martins / March 10, 2014

The Actual Map of Each State’s Favorite Artists Is Kind of a Bummer

Earlier this week, music technology company The Echo Nest shared a map that showed the most "distinctive" artist for each of the United States.
By: Marc Hogan / February 27, 2014

The 20 Best Albums of 2001

The 20 best albums of 2001, ranked by the SPIN editors. [This list was originally published in the January 2002 issue of SPIN.]…
By: SPIN Staff / February 27, 2014

Vote for Daft Punk, Disclosure, Avicii, and More in the 2014 Beatport Awards

Beatport has opened up online voting for this year's Beatport Awards. Between February 13 and February 28, fans can visit the…
By: Kyle McGovern / February 13, 2014

Blondie ‘Pass’ on Sochi Olympics Gig, But Russian Police ‘Get Lucky’ Again

Like the legend of the phoenix, the Russian Police Choir's performance of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" has risen once again. This time, the grou…
By: Chris Martins / February 10, 2014
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