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Rock Music of the Year: Metal’s Poptimist Streak

The last time the Deftones, whose alternately downy and hair-raising Koi No Yokan is our No. 44 Album of 2012, appeared on a SPIN year-end…
By: David Marchese / December 20, 2012

Strange Brew: Metal’s New Obsession With Witchcraft, Biker Blues, and Tina Turner

The last thing heavy metal needs is another witch hunt. But there's no doubt that cult and occult values from the era of brown-acid rock…
By: Chuck Eddy / October 17, 2012

Download Christian Mistress’ Barn-Burning ‘The Edge of Time’

Complete your Christian Mistress collection by copping this chugging instrumental coda to their swell Possession, an album we praised for its vintage metal choog…
By: Christopher R. Weingarten / April 26, 2012

Women of Metal

Heavy metal, back when bands actually shrieked about defiling groupies instead of Satanic surgical procedures, was always in the running for music's most misogynistic genre.
By: Chuck Eddy / July 1, 2011