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Wooden Shjips Visit Westeros for ‘Everybody Knows’ Video

The psychedelic fuzz-merchants in Wooden Shjips have shared another visual for their freshly released fourth album, Back to Land. While the Thrill Jockey-signed quartet went…
Chris Martins / December 12, 2013

Watch Wooden Shjips’ Creepy, Clown-Filled ‘Back to Land’ Video

Wooden Shjips are officially Back to Land — the psych-voyagers' newest album is now out through Thrill Jockey Records. In support of the fresh full-length,…
Kyle McGovern / November 12, 2013

Wooden Shjips Set Sail on Sleepy-Eyed ‘These Shadows (Acoustic Version)’

The first sample of Wooden Shjips' upcoming Back to Land album has surfaced. To preface their follow-up to 2011's West, the psych-explorers have shared an…
Kyle McGovern / September 17, 2013

Wooden Shjips Come ‘Back to Land’ With Lush New Album

Wooden Shjips will return ashore with a brand new album this fall. Back to Land arrives November 12 via Thrill Jockey Records, bringing with it…
Kyle McGovern / September 4, 2013