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Watch Nightlands’ Dreamy ‘Born to Love’ Video

Nightlands' Dave Hartley explored the sci-fi side of his "silver man" aesthetic in the video to "I Fell in Love With a Feeling," and now, the War on…
Kyle McGovern / April 9, 2013

They’re Going to #LetBonnerShoot: Indie Rockers’ NBA Three-Point Petition Works

Matt Bonner has yet to take a shot at the Three-Point Shootout during the NBA's All-Star weekend, but indie-rock basketball fans have already won. Bonner will…
Marc Hogan / February 8, 2013

Listen to Nightlands’ ‘Nico’ in Three Different Varieties

Dave Hartley's Nightlands, one of SPIN's 5 Best New Artists for January, has frequented this site a ton lately thanks to his stellar new album…
Daniel Kreps / January 31, 2013

Watch Nightlands’ ‘Terminator 2′-Like ‘I Fell in Love With a Feeling’ Video

Nightlands' Dave Hartley recently showed off his neighborhood of Fishtown (located in northeastern Philadelphia) for a SPIN photo diary, and now the Best New Artist honoree offers…
Kyle McGovern / January 23, 2013

Nightlands: Dave Hartley’s Photographic Love Letter to Philadelphia’s Fishtown

The War on Drugs musician pays tribute to the neighborhood that's inspired his new Nightlands LP 'Oak Island,' with special appearances by Kurt Vile, Sharon…
SPIN Staff / January 21, 2013