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They’re Going to #LetBonnerShoot: Indie Rockers’ NBA Three-Point Petition Works

Matt Bonner

Matt Bonner has yet to take a shot at the Three-Point Shootout during the NBA’s All-Star weekend, but indie-rock basketball fans have already won. Bonner will shoot at the league’s annual long-ball competition, and that’s exactly what the War on Drugs’ Dave Hartley, who recently released an album by his Nightlands project, has been asking. Hartley started the Let Bonner Shoot campaign with a petition on, and he quickly gained support from like-minded hoops lovers Arcade Fire and Deer Tick.

Now the 6′ 10″ San Antonio Spurs big man has secured a spot at the three-point contest, set for Saturday, February 16, at the Toyota Center in Houston. Hartley is understandably stoked. He tweeted: “holy shit. we did it. they are going to #LetBonnerShoot !!!!!!!” And it isn’t just indie rockers celebrating the news. Retired Spurs great David Robinson tweeted: “Congrats to @spurs Matt Bonner on the All Star 3 point selection. #LightItUp #Spurs”

Why did Hartley go to all this trouble in the first place? “Matt is an outsider in the NBA, someone I would always root for,” Hartley previously told SPIN. “He takes public transportation to games, works his ass off for various charities and foundations (some of which he has started) and is utterly down to earth. He is a fan of rock’n’roll (and indie) music. Basically, he is a hero for someone like me. Also, I’m friends with him, so I want to see him do well.” The two first met after Matt’s brother Luke happened to see the War on Drugs at SXSW.

Pretty sure the next time Hartley’s touring takes him through San Antonio, he’ll be able to get Spurs tickets.

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