Incubus, ‘A Crow Left of the Murder…’ (Epic)

One of the few alt-rock bands to break out back when rap-rock rude boys ran things, Brandon Boyd and Incubus looked like dolphin-hugging hippies next…
By: Caryn Ganz / March 23, 2004

JC Chasez, ‘Schizophrenic’ (Jive)

After the (sugar) crash of the boy-band market, 'NSync's Justin Timberlake quickly refashioned himself as a B-boy-talkin', body-rockin' friend of the fabulous, to great success.
By: Caryn Ganz / March 16, 2004

Cee-Lo, ‘Cee-Lo Green Is the Soul Machine’ (Arista)

The wages of sin can make for a decent salary, and choirboy-turned-microphone fiend Thomas "Cee-Lo" Callaway knows this well. "You get rich talking shit /…
By: Will Hermes / March 15, 2004

Courtney Love, ‘America’s Sweetheart’ (Virgin)

Courtney Love is no healer -- of herself or anyone else. And that's why, despite the nose job, boob lift, designer gowns, and kissy-poo swanning…
By: Charles Aaron / March 9, 2004

The Von Bondies, ‘Pawn Shoppe Heart’ (Sire)

Pawn Shoppe Heart reminds me of the moment near the beginning of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid when the movie bursts from sepia tone…
By: Andrew Beaujon / March 4, 2004

Probot, ‘Probot’ (Southern Lord)

Why Probot? Well, perhaps Dave Grohl thinks he hasn't been featured on the Metal Sludge website quite enough. And you can certainly look at hi…
By: Joe Gross / March 2, 2004

Lyrics Born, ‘Later That Day’ (Quannum)

Bay Area underground MC/producer Lyrics Born has promised his solo debut for so long that his moniker practically became Laggin' Bastard. But after years of…
By: Oliver Wang / February 23, 2004

David Cross, ‘Let America Laugh’ (Sub Pop)

As the bald half of late-'90s sketch-comedy duo Mr. Show, David Cross perfected a particular strain of prissy, highly articulate rage. In 2002, Cross took…
By: Andy Greenwald / February 23, 2004

The Twilight Singers, ‘Blackberry Belle’ (Birdman)

First line of Blackberry Belle, Greg Dulli's latest dose of pimped-out, bipolar catharsis: "Black out the windows /It's party time." By Dulli's standards, this mea…
By: Chris Ryan / February 6, 2004

Phantom Planet, ‘Phantom Planet’ (Epic/Daylight)

Serving as the opening act for Fox's The O.C. isn't a bad gig -- beats rocking the Peach Pit with Brandon, Dylan, and the gang.
By: Zac Crain / February 4, 2004
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