The Mendoza Line, ‘Fortune’ (Bar/None)

The Mendoza Line are six brainy Brooklynites subletting a tiny one-bedroom on the fine line between sophisticated art-pop and insular indie rock. In addition to…
By: Mikael Wood / November 15, 2004

Travis Morrison, ‘Travistan’ (Barsuk) Say Anything, ‘Say Anything is a Real Boy’ (Doghouse)

Soon, Max Bemis will get his ass kicked by a girl--figuratively, at least--and Say Anything will be over. Oh, the band could continue for year…
By: Andrew Beaujon / November 15, 2004

Clone of The Cranberries Reunite After Six Years (do not delete)

Numerous bouquets of flowers made their way from audience to stage Thursday night in Baltimore as the Cranberries played their first U.S. concert in more…
By: Michael Byrne / November 13, 2004

Dizzee Rascal, ‘Showtime’ (XL)

It's a hip-hop truism--the first album is the one where you get the most bragging done. The follow-up? Well, that's where you gloat about your…
By: Jon Caramanica / November 5, 2004

Marilyn Manson, ‘Lest We Forget’ (Interscope)

Marilyn Manson is fucking awesome.
By: Chuck Klosterman / November 5, 2004

Elliot Smith, ‘From a Basement on the Hill’ (Anti-)

Suicide, especially when a celebrity is involved, is inevitably viewed by pundits as a cop-out--an ungrateful denial of the human covenant. Unlike the rest of…
By: Charles Aaron / November 5, 2004

Interpol, ‘Antics’ (Matador)

You know what the '80s sounded like? Journey, Men at Work, and Lionel freakin' Richie, that's what. So can we all please stop squealing "It'…
By: Andrew Beaujon / October 29, 2004

Young Buck, ‘Straight Outta Cashville’ (G Unit/Interscope)

On "Let Me In," the first single from Nashville rapper Young Buck's debut album, concealed weapons, underage drinking, and brazen flossing are the order of…
By: Chris Ryan / October 29, 2004

Comets on Fire, ‘Blue Cathedral’ (Sub Pop)

It seems almost tragic to think about a record as cosmically righteous as Comets on Fire's Blue Cathedral in terms of terrestrial numbers. But let'…
By: Chris Ryan / September 24, 2004

Jason Forrest, ‘The Unrelenting Songs of the 1979 Post Disco Crash’ (Sonig)

Any smarmy hack can slap on a Fu Manchu and cop some Travolta moves, but it takes a fearless artist to turn the radio po…
By: Nate Patrin / August 23, 2004
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