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Delicate Steve, ‘Wondervisions’ (Luaka Bop)

Wiry New Jersey goofball "Delicate" Steve Marion handcrafts protean instrumental guitar pop on his debut full-length that isn't delicate in the least. Flush with six-string…
David Bevan / January 25, 2011

Destroyer, ‘Kaputt’ (Merge)

Snarl and murmur would seem to be mutually exclusive, but Destroyer's Dan Bejar manages to do both simultaneously. Long on cryptic references (you mean you…
David Menconi / January 25, 2011

Cloud Nothings, ‘Cloud Nothings’ (Carpark)

The first proper album from Cleveland one-man band Dylan Baldi doesn't match the irresistible energy of last year's odds-and-ends compilation Turning On. But despite trading…
Jon Young / January 25, 2011

Chikita Violenta, ‘Tre3s’ (Arts & Crafts)

This Mexican quartet's third release suggests a largely untapped indie-rock revenue stream: franchising Broken Social Scene's sound to a variety of North American markets. Producer…
Spencer Kornhaber / January 25, 2011

Wanda Jackson, ‘The Party Ain’t Over’ (Third Man/Nonesuch)

The 73-year-old rockabilly trailblazer teams with Jack White, who weirds out in a way he seemed too bashful to do on Van Lear Rose, his…
Mikael Wood / January 25, 2011

Charles Bradley, ‘No Time for Dreaming’ (Dunham)

It'd be easy to mistake Charles Bradley's debutalbum for a lost soul classic, from the throwback cover art to the Otis Redding- and James Brown-inspired…
Josh Modell / January 25, 2011

Death, ‘Spiritual, Mental, Physical’ (Drag City)

When Death's 1974 demos, ...For the Whole World to See, were finally excavated in 2009, they proved the missing link between the Stooges' "No Fun"
SPIN Staff / January 25, 2011

Blaqstarr, ‘The Divine EP’ (N.E.E.T./Interscope)

Charles "Blaqstarr" Smith is still the insular Baltimore club scene's best crossover hope. The ghostly, layered repetition and subwoofer thump of the DJ/producer's 2007 Supastarr…
Marc Hogan / January 25, 2011

Monotonix, ‘Not Yet’ (Drag City)

Midway through one of Monotonix's turbulent performances, you might find yourself spritzed by chest-hair sweat and gaping at a drum set perched on top of…
Spencer Kornhaber / January 25, 2011

Apex Manor, ‘The Year of Magical Drinking’ (Merge)

Battling writer's block after his band the Broken West split, singer-guitarist Ross Flournoy knocked out a tune over a weekend for an NPR songwriting contest.
David Menconi / January 25, 2011

Cold War Kids, ‘Mine Is Yours’ (Downtown)

Having expunged their skittish, dark energy and fully embraced studio slickness, Cold War Kids are left stranded, sounding like a band aiming for the charts…
Josh Modell / January 25, 2011

Nicole Atkins, ‘Mondo Amore’ (Razor & Tie)

There's no denying Nicole Atkins' voice. If you've ever wondered what Kelly Clarkson would sound like channeling Roy Orbison, this big-lunged Jersey girl provides the…
Mikael Wood / January 25, 2011

The Ex, ‘Catch My Shoe’ (Ex)

What's the Ex's more impressive feat: being a functioning punk band for more than 30 years or never making a bad record. The Dutch group's…
Jessica Hopper / January 25, 2011

Deerhoof, ‘Deerhoof vs. Evil’ (Polyvinyl)

With an adversarial album title and lyrics sprinkled with wartime imagery, the 11th record from these Bay Area artistes seems inspired by global conflict. But…
Spencer Kornhaber / January 25, 2011

The Get Up Kids, ‘There Are Rules’ (Quality Hill)

These emo pioneers take the classic get-back route on this reunion effort (their first album since 2004), invoking the band's definitive period by enlisting Shellac's…
David Menconi / January 25, 2011

Gang of Four, ‘Content’ (Yep Roc)

After releasing one of pop music's most lacerating sociopolitical broadsides ever (1979 debut Entertainment!), featuring one of the most unconventionally aggressive guitarists ever (Andy Gill),…
Barry Walters / January 25, 2011

Wanda Jackson Jams with Jack White in Brooklyn

Does anyone under the age of, say, 73, still believe that rock'n'roll is sinful entertainment? Probably not. But for the likes of Elvis Presley, Jerry…
Richard Gehr / January 25, 2011

Decemberists Go for Elegant Pop at Tour Kick Off

On their new album, The King Is Dead, the Decemberists embraced elegantly simple, harmony-rich, salt-of-the-earth folk pop, and judging by last night's tour kick off,…
Michael Tedder / January 25, 2011

Get Up Kids Unveil Hot New Tunes at Tour Opener

The Get Up Kids opened their tour behind the brand-new LP, There Are Rules, improbably in Houston, Texas of all cities, just days before the…
Craig Hlavaty / January 24, 2011

Dismemberment Plan Launch Reunion in D.C.

On the first night of the Dismemberment Plan's string of sold-out reunion shows, a few things had changed since the last time the band played…
Jonathan Fischer / January 24, 2011
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