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No One Loves Thom Yorke’s DJ Sets Like Thom Yorke, Boiler Room Gag Reel Confirms

Plus! Balls are tripped, hilarity ensues

picture-18927-1372868491Jordan Sargent // May 14, 2013

Boiler Room parties have been the hottest tickets in the underground world for well over a year now. Anyone can enjoy the shows as they are live-streamed from their New York, London, and Berlin locales — a generous move, sure, but also an opportunity to capture all the weirdest, most hilarious Boiler Room moments on video forever. A new compilation (made by someone with, thankfully, too much time on his or her hands) includes: Thom Yorke dancing much harder to his set than anyone else, a DJ high-fiving a Boiler Room associate who instead was telling him that he had five minutes left to spin, and a whole host of people causing too much trouble or being too high on drugs. Thanks, Youtube user ComradeMassie.