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See Kevin Gates Unravel Hood Horror Stories in ‘IDGAF’ Video

From the Nola Mc's excellent 'The Luca Brasi Story'

picture-18276-1372868632Chris Martins // April 9, 2013

Based upon the strength of his latest mixtape, The Luca Brasi Story, unsung Young Money-Cash Money rapper Kevin Gates not only became one of SPIN’s Best New Artists for the month of March, but ranked No. 6 in our Real Hottest MCs list. His song “IDGAF” made Brandon Soderberg’s write-up of the impressive free full-length because “the rub is that he totally gives a fuck. That’s the power of this tape. Here’s a hard-assed, on-edge rapper who never hedges his sincerity.”

True to form, Gates unravels a series of gritty mini-narratives within the aforementioned song, and the brand new video for the track follows suit visually. While the New Orleans rhymer paints a vivid picture of his own — “In the neighborhood I grew up in, they call it the South Side / Everybody house overcrowded, forcing them to hang outside” — the camera captures a day in the life of a young man who’s turned to crime. Accompanied by that menacing beat, what unfolds seems all the more tragic.