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Evil Nine, ‘They Live!’ (Marine Parade)

picture-18328-1372869155David Peisner // February 19, 2009

Concept albums can be dicey, but this Brighton, England electro duo negotiate the terrain smartly, crafting the most appealing musical ode to zombies since Thriller. The Underworld­-ish “Feed on You” and horror­-movie march “How Do We Stop the Normals?” set the spooky tone amid ever­-present washes of minor­-key synths. But beats that throb, stomp, whip, and crack, plus a diverse parade of guest vocalists (underground MCs El­-P and Beans, cow­punk howler Emily Breeze, and Bernard Sumner doppelgänger David AutoKratz), steer the proceedings well away from the novelty bin.



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