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Why Many Musicians Are Integrating The Use of QR Codes to Promote Their Music Today?

With the internet providing an easier way for several small-time and mainstream music artists to easily share their music and journey to the netizens, the competition in gaining more listeners and followers between the small musicians and the known artists intensifies during the digital era. 

As it provides a shortcut for most musicians to easily inspire more people to listen to their music, music marketers have found a way to cut their short trip to fame shorter by integrating some of the digital marketing hacks to connect with their clients offline and online audiences. 

And by integrating these hacks, many small and known music artists are becoming more visible in the largest internet platform that people connect to, social media. By increasing their presence on social media, they can showcase their talent and share their unique art online. 

But as most of them are showcasing their art on social media, the percentage of listeners who prefer to seclude themselves from the online community they use is still large. Because of the need to influence both offline and online listeners, many musicians are tapping the use of QR codes to fully maximize their music marketing efforts. 

Why do many musicians choose to use QR codes in promoting their music today?

Aside from providing an easy way for music makers to extend their marketing efforts to offline audiences and direct them to their content online with just a scan, here are some of the notable reasons why many of them opt to use QR codes in promoting their music today.

1. The technology is available and accessible online. 

As music marketers are always looking for better tools and ways to effectively promote and connect their music to their audience, the tool’s ability and availability are one of the factors they consider when choosing the right one to use in marketing. 

But with the current QR code innovation, musicians can now easily integrate the use of them as the technology is now advanced and is readily available online. As advanced as they have become today, many musicians can have access to an advanced QR code generator with logo online and start strategically promoting their music offline.

2. QR codes cost lesser than other near field communications technology

With near field communications technology becoming a prominent tool in marketing both traditional and digital ones, the use of QR codes can give the music marketers a better edge in having an effective marketing campaign as creating one costs less than the other NFC tools like NFC tags and RFIDs.

3. Maximizes your marketing means effortlessly

As QR codes cost less than other new field communications technology, maximizing your efforts with it will not go to waste. With the QR code technology’s current improvement, some QR code generators are allowing their users to inject important marketing tools into their QR code campaigns. 

Aside from injecting important marketing tools, QR codes can also serve as a portal for all the social media links the music artist is active with. With social media as one of the crowded internet platforms that billions of people visit every day, integrating the use of a social media QR code is a great QR code marketing tool that musicians can integrate and maximize their social media marketing effortlessly.

4. Can host different marketing content

As some marketers will need to exhaust all the marketing resources available to execute a well-received marketing campaign for all, music marketers need to invest in the right tech tool that delivers almost everything they need to properly promote their music. 

With many marketing outlets they need to fill in a strong connection to their target audience, the use of QR codes can help musicians further their marketing efforts without spending more. 

Whether it is a URL, File, or a customized landing page, you can always squeeze them into a QR code and create a futuristic experience for your audience by opening a new world through scanning them. 


As almost all marketing stints today are now fueled with the use of technology like VR and AR technology, not adopting this marketing change is a great loss of opportunity for musicians to pass. 

Because of that, many musicians who are venturing the use of technology to market their music are now integrating the use of an advanced QR code generator with logo software to create their customized QR codes and revolutionize their means of connecting with their audience.