Hear Teklife’s On Life, a New 23-Track Footwork Compilation From the Chicago Crew

Today, the Chicago footwork crew Teklife released On Life, a new compilation of 23 tracks, with contributions from veterans like RP Boo and Traxman and rising stars like DJ Paypal…
Andy Cush / February 17, 2017

Hear Teklife VIP, a New Footwork Compilation Featuring Remixes of Kanye, Desiigner, Sister Nancy

Chicago's great Teklife footwork crew has shared a belated holiday present with Teklife VIP, a free compilation featuring DJ Paypal, Taso, DJ Taye, DJ Manny, and others. VIP's 14…
Andy Cush / December 27, 2016

DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, and Taso Smoke Out ‘Luchini VIP’

We've been singing footwork master DJ Rashad's praises from his 2012 Essential TEKLIFE Vol. 1 to recently naming his "I Don't Give a Fuck" the…
Dan Reilly / March 5, 2014