Azure Ray

10 Albums You Can Hear Now: Cat Power, Animal Collective, Crypts, More!

Teh Internetz are rife with previewable music this week. For your ease of unpaid listening, we've rounded up the 10 records you've gotta hear now,…
Chris Martins / August 30, 2012

Azure Ray, ‘Drawing Down the Moon’ (Saddle Creek)

Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor dissolved Azure Ray in 2004 to pursue projects that closely recalled their band's sad, soothing sound, and this reconvening offers…
Josh Modell / September 1, 2010

Orenda Fink Talks About Her Favorite Book

Artists like Gang of Four and Bob Dylan have famously referenced the work of Flannery O'Connor in their songs. So it was only a matter…
Emily Zemler / May 15, 2009
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