Killer Mike on the Run the Jewels Edit of Richard Spencer Getting Punched: “This Is Amazing”

White nationalist leader Richard Spencer got decked by an anonymous vigilante on Inauguration Day. Ever since, Twitter has been syncing video of the punch to music.
Anna Gaca / January 23, 2017

After Alt-Right Pileup, Disney Chief Declares “There Are No Political Statements” in Star Wars Spinoff Rogue One

Over the last week or so, Trump-supporting Star Wars fans have carried out a Gamergate-style social media campaign and proposed boycott of the forthcoming film Rogue One: A Star…
Andy Cush / December 12, 2016

Adult Swim Cancels Alt-Right Comedy Show Million Dollar Extreme After One Season

Adult Swim has canceled the show Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace after one season, Pitchfork is reporting. The sketch comedy series, spearheaded by the comedian Sam…
Andy Cush / December 6, 2016
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