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The 6 Funkiest Masterminds of All-Time

Evan Gabriel | Nov 12, 2020 – 6:29 pm

Few musicians have summoned the funk gods like James Brown,  George Clinton, Sly Stone, Rick James, Stevie Wonder, and Prince. Over their expansive and uniquely individual careers, each artist created vibrant catalogs that expanded the boundaries of the genre and shattered music industry norms.

James Brown gave the world “Get Up (l Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine,” while George Clinton’s “We Want The Funk” is essentially the National Anthem of funk. See Sly Stone’s “Everybody Is A Star” or Prince’s “Purple Rain” for equally undeniable anthems.

The title of “funkiest of all-time,” however, suggests extraordinary qualities beyond musical talent. By cultivating their respective sonic and sartorial styles, these fiercely talented pioneers challenged conventional notions of identity and captured the creative consciousness of generations. Still considered legends today, SPIN looks back at The 6 Funkiest Masterminds of All-Time.