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Bad Habits of Beginner Guitar Players

Learning an art like singing, dancing, and martial art takes time and the highest dedication. When somebody wants to master playing the guitar, there is no other approach. It is an excellent skill with a lot of fun. You can take it as a hobby as well as a career. But, it is often seen that novice guitarists have some everyday bad habits. We are going to discuss them so that you can avoid those mistakes for more productive learning. Let’s dive into the deep.

Too much showing off

It’s funny to hear that some guitarists show off too much rather than developing their skill. Being a guitarist is a cool idea for sure. You are nailing a tricky note, shaking your body like mad, vaping and displaying your expensive vape liquid, and more. Nothing will pay off at the end of the day if you do not achieve the actual skill. It is so easy for a guitarist to be addicted to show-off. But, you need to focus on skill instead. 

Trying to learn everything

When a beginner holds a guitar for the first time, he has a vast dream as well. Either he is learning for a hobby or wants to be a rock star someday, he is in a rush to learn everything so fast. This is a big mistake because practically it takes time and you can’t learn everything in a short time. You need to have the patience for learning scales gradually. 

Holding a guitar in the wrong position

Some guitarists complain about back pain a few times. This is a common issue among guitarists because some of them don’t hold the guitar right. If you hold and carry a guitar in bad form for a long while, you will face some physical injuries. Most guitar tutors will teach you the best format for holding a guitar that may seem uncomfortable for you at first. But, you should be habituated to it to avoid chronic pain.

Irregular practice

Being busy with your daily life has nothing to do with while you are learning guitar. At the first stage, you have to learn the basic things properly that need a lot of practice. Unfortunately, some learners find it so tough to practice regularly. It is crucial to note that practicing at least 15 minutes every day is better than playing for 10 hours in a single day a week. Skills like playing the guitar require developing muscle memory, which needs regular practice. Find out even a small portion of the day to play your instrument regularly. 

Desire for perfection

The desire to be perfect is not a mistake. But, the obsession for perfection in everything is a downside. It can even hamper your natural talent. Beginner guitarists should believe that a machine can do everything correctly, not a human being. Music is an art that can’t be measured by perfection. Each singer, as well as a musician, has his style and way. There is nothing wrong if someone criticizes your guitar playing style. Forget to be perfect, and you need the freedom to master a skill.

Practicing the same song 

Bruce Lee once said that you have to be like water. Wherever you pour water, it forms the same shape as the pot. Playing the guitar should be the same. Your skill needs to be adaptive to any kind of song and lyric. In some cases, a beginner only practices the same song, which he is good at. This habit will make you lazy and unproductive. You should have the hunger to try different things. Besides, play your favorite songs or older ones a few often so that they remain alive in your memory. 

Playing out of tune

You might be very good at the basics of playing the guitar. But, it won’t sound good if your guitar is not tuned right. Most beginners mistakenly forget to tune the guitar before playing it and don’t find the reason for inappropriate sound even after playing the right notes. To avoid this mistake, make a habit of tuning the guitar each time you play a note. This will minimize the possibility of sounding your guitar wrong.

Avoiding guitar setup

A guitar is simply a musical instrument that needs regular maintenance. It can be impacted by environmental changes, heat, and humidity. These will not only ruin your guitar gradually, but it also hampers your playing performance. To keep your guitar long-lasting, you should have no excuse to avoid a professional guitar setup. 
Mistakes let you understand where you need to improve. This is true for playing the guitar as well. The mistakes we mentioned above are commonly seen among learners. You can make your guitar performance and skill better by merely avoiding these mistakes.

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