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Polysics, ‘Now Is The Time!’ (Tofu)

You won't hear a more exuberant album this year than Polysics' Now Is the Time! This decade, even. The Tokyo quartet takes Devo as a…
Todd Goldstein / February 22, 2006

Various Artists, ‘I Love Guitar Wolf…Very Much’ (Narnack)

There's a lot that American bands can learn from Japan's "coolest rock band," Guitar Wolf. For instance, the louder and faster you play, the better…
Todd Goldstein / December 16, 2005

Jimmy Eat World, ‘Stay On My Side Tonight’ (Interscope)

When Jimmy Eat World released Bleed American, that sure was an exciting time for emo. Granted, an exciting time for emo isn't really all that…
Todd Goldstein / October 7, 2005

Staind, ‘Chapter V’ (Elektra)

Nu-metal, the late-'90s most embarrassing, self-serious musical trend, isn't even a blip on the cultural radar any more. It has vanished, supplanted by -- what…
Todd Goldstein / August 12, 2005

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