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‘Bob Dylan in the ’80s’ Tribute Comp Gives a Maligned Era the Respect It Deserves

Annotating this friendly takeover by smart young Americana types, Jonathan Lethem argues that the maligned and presumed lost '80s Dylan was only trying to prove…
Robert Christgau / March 19, 2014

Toesucker Blues: Robert Christgau’s Farewell Salute to Lou Reed

Lou Reed, who died today at 71, made no secret of his disdain for many of the people who wrote about him, but longtime Village…
Robert Christgau / October 28, 2013

Omar Souleyman’s Intense, Swooning ‘Wenu Wenu’ Brings Dabke to the Club-Kid Masses

Silly things will be written about this record, so let me emphasize up top that, overhyped or not, a fine record it is, and fine…
Robert Christgau / October 24, 2013

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