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Elliott Smith, ‘New Moon’ (Kill Rock Stars)

If there is comfort in being sad, Elliott Smith knew it once. The late singer/songwriter's early four-track recordings were about the good kind of loneliness:…
Melissa Maerz / May 10, 2007

Burning Man

Once, Burning Man sounded like a ghost story: people trekking through sand dunes, building a city in the middle of nowhere, making a fire, then…
Melissa Maerz / November 23, 2006

The Spin Interview: Cat Power

What follows is an unabridged version of the Cat Power interview that appears in our December issue. Chan Marshall does not look troubled. On this…
Melissa Maerz / November 22, 2006

Prime Directives

Being a music video director is a bit like playing God: You can pump Jay-Z full of bullets, toss Fiona Apple in a…
Melissa Maerz / September 1, 2005

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