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They Might Be Giants’ Whimsy Feels Boundless on Flood

This review was originally published in the February 1990 issue of SPIN. We're republishing it here in celebration of Flood's 30th anniversary in January 2020.
Ira Robbins / January 14, 2020

New Model Army, ‘High’ (Attack Attack)

Sounding more like pissed young men than a principled band in its third decade, England's New Model Army still makes fervid, dramatic punk rock that…
Ira Robbins / September 18, 2007

Bryan Ferry, ‘Dylanesque’ (Capitol)

Arch, affected, and just a little bit sharp, Bryan Ferry's singing was as shocking and influential in the 1970s as Bob Dylan's visionary wheeze had…
Ira Robbins / July 20, 2007