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Microphone Fiends

The karaoke gods are not smiling on Carl Newman.
Brian Raftery / August 23, 2007

Interpol, ‘Our Love to Admire’ (Capitol)

"Babe, it's time we gave something new a try," Paul Banks sings on "No I in Threesome," a surprisingly amorous track from Interpol's third album.
Brian Raftery / July 10, 2007

The White Stripes, ‘Icky Thump’ (Third Man/ Warner Bros.)

Jack White makes a lot of strange noises on the appropriately titled Icky Thump: There's an unnerving, high-pitched guitar whine that's straight out of a…
Brian Raftery / July 6, 2007

Fields, ‘Everything Last Winter’ (Black Lab)

Not to be confused with Field Music, the Field Mice, the Field, or Korn bassist Fieldy, Fields are a British/Icelandic combo that take typically bright…
Brian Raftery / June 7, 2007

Fountains of Wayne, ‘Traffic & Weather’ (Virgin)

Four years after "Stacy's Mom" provided these power-poppers with an unexpected Top 40 hit, Traffic & Weather find them eagerly plunging into every genre imaginable,…
Brian Raftery / April 10, 2007

Modest Mouse, ‘We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank’ (Epic)

Longtime Modest Mouse fans -- a ragtag assemblage of college-rock lifers, jam-band nodders, and ahead-of-the-curve cool dads -- were likely taken aback by the success…
Brian Raftery / March 29, 2007

The Besnard Lakes, ‘The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse’ (Jagjgauwar)

Given how many indie rock ensembles are crossing the border from Canada these days, you'd be forgiven for thinking that all the musicians in the…
Brian Raftery / March 29, 2007

Dr. Dog, ‘We All Belong’ (Park the Van)

A true DIY sleeper, Dr. Dog's 2005 debut was the sort of seemingly innocuous indie album that becomes more knotty and habit-forming with each listen.
Brian Raftery / March 29, 2007

Bloc Party, ‘A Weekend in the City’ (Vice)

Last fall, when this London quartet announced they were going on tour with emo hatchlings Panic! At the Disco (they later had to cancel), loyal…
Brian Raftery / March 25, 2007

The Decemberists, ‘The Crane Wife’ (Capitol)

Forget Port of Miami -- when it comes to tales of illicit sex, pillaging, and overall wanton behavior, Rick Ross has nothing on Colin Meloy.
Brian Raftery / October 25, 2006

Johnny B. Bad

He may be a Jackass, but he's no fool. That's what's we discovered at the photo shoot for Spin's September cover story. At a swank…
Brian Raftery / August 21, 2006

True Grit: More New Brit Rock

BABYSHAMBLES Ex-Libertine, current folk hero, and Kate Moss beau Pete Doherty takes a break from his two extracurricular activities -- doing smack and…
Brian Raftery / July 29, 2005

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