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Fountains of Wayne, ‘Welcome Interstate Managers’ (S-Curve/EMI)

Here's to the artisanal-cheese-makers, the carpenters, the cobblers, the power-pop songwriters--dedicated craftsmen who still make high-quality products for an ever-shrinking clientele. Case in point: Fountains…
Andy Greenwald / July 16, 2003

Burnside Project, ‘The Networks, the Circuits, the Streams, the Harmonies’ (Bar None)

Thanks to recent advances in technology, irony, and unemployment, that scrawny English major with the laptop sitting behind you in the coffeehouse may be working…
Andy Greenwald / June 30, 2003

Jealous Sound, ‘Kill Them With Kindness’ (Better Looking)

That Saves the Day poster on your wall may fade, but the importance of being earnest doesn't. Even grown-ups--those of us over the age of,…
Andy Greenwald / June 29, 2003

Blur, ‘Think Tank’ (Virgin)

"I ain't got nothing to be scared of," sings Damon Albarn on Blur's seventh album, and he means it as both an opening gambit and…
Andy Greenwald / June 15, 2003

Alkaline Trio, ‘Good Mourning’ (Vagrant)

As reliable as spiked belts, chain wallets, and the distinctive aroma of trust funds is the love all hardcore kids have for the Smiths. Except…
Andy Greenwald / June 15, 2003

Deftones, ‘Deftones’ (Maverick)

Most pop-punk bands sing about feeling bad, but sometimes it's hard to tell if they mean it. At this point, it's undoubtedly pretty good to…
Andy Greenwald / June 15, 2003

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