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Lil Snack’s Daily Trivia Games Score Your Music Knowledge

Photo Credit: Lil Snack

Sometimes it’s not enough to like music. Sometimes you need to prove how much you like music. Lil Snack is a new daily trivia experience that will put your knowledge of musical pop culture through its paces. With a variety of different games spanning a wide range of music genres, there’s almost certainly something that you’ll enjoy — beyond the pride you get from proving your superior musical knowledge. While you could go to for their full catalog of games, here are a handful of our favorites.

Make use of the countless lyrics you’ve memorized over the years in ‘Quoted

Of all the Lil Snack games, Quoted is certainly one of the most straightforward challenges for those with brains full of useless lyrics. This quick-bite game gives you half of a popular quote or lyric related to the day’s theme, and your job is to root out the real words to finish the saying. You’ve been memorizing lyrics for all these years anyway, why not put them to some use?

Check Quoted out here.

Music Trivia + Digital Mini Golf = ‘Putt Putt Problems

If music trivia isn’t enough to entertain you, how about we add in the physics and reaction times necessary for a little mini-golf? Putt-Putt Problems is Lil Snack’s newest pop culture trivia game that requires a combination of digital golf skills and rock-solid trivia knowledge. Each question is a ball and you have to sink it in the cup with the right answer, but (like any good mini-golf course), this one has hazards you’ll have to watch out for and work around.

Play ‘Putt Putt Problems’ for yourself.

Snoop around music-themed rebus puzzles with ‘What The?

What The? is the Lil Snack game that gives you a pop culture rebus puzzle, and leaves it up to you to guess the music-related solution. This one can certainly live up to the “challenge” part of these daily trivia challenges.

See if you can solve What The?

Swap’ is the modern crossword puzzle for the rest of us

If you find yourself not wanting to challenge The New York Times’ famous crossword puzzle just yet, you can start with Swap. It’s basically a crossword puzzle for people who don’t like crosswords, and since it’s from Lil Snack,  the clues are generally fun and familiar instead of requiring a graduate degree. If you understand the basic premise of a crossword and use emojis, you’ll be right at home with these music-themed word puzzles.

Start swapping tiles today.

Break out the calendars and see if you can get your timeline right on ‘Stacked

Another challenging favorite from Lil Snack is Stacked, which gives you a big list of stuff you’ll recognize like albums, songs, events and more, and then it asks you to sort them. While it’s easy enough to know which album from an artist came out before another, it becomes a big tricky puzzle to solve when it asks you to then sort them all: review scores, release dates, birthdays and more.

Don’t let your brain get too Stacked.

Sound like a good time? Start your Lil Snack adventure today!

That What The? rebus puzzle was too easy earlier, so here’s a better representation of how challenging (and entertaining) they can be.

This is just a taste of the daily trivia challenges Lil Snack has to offer, so feel free to head over and check out the full list on their site. Whether you’re looking to challenge yourself, help you stay relevant, or just show off how cool you are when it comes to music and pop culture knowledge, check out Lil Snack and start playing for free.