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The Essentials

K-Pop Superstars IVE Tell Us How They Tour in Style

Here are all the essentials (including instant ramen!) that IVE take on the road
(Credit: All photos by Andy Keilen / Photos provided by Starship Entertainment)

Since they catapulted onto the scene in 2021, Gaeul, Yujin, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo—collectively known as K-pop hitmakers IVE—have set the standard for the modern girl group. They are the epitome of the leather-and-lace aesthetic (with a little “edgy schoolgirl” thrown in the mix)—and the result is fashion-forward femininity. Before you dismiss IVE as another ready-made brand, they flip the script. No predictable K-pop fodder here—the only love songs you’ll hear from IVE are self-love ones. These women are all about empowerment. 

IVE is riding high from their well-received debut studio album, I’ve IVE and I’ve MINE EP featuring the hit single, “Baddie,” released in 2023. Earlier this year, IVE teamed up with Saweetie for the infectious “All Night.” The song’s video is what That Girl would be if the late ‘60s television series’ titular Ann Marie was dropped into the present time with a solid dose of K-pop drive.

Currently on their first world tour, IVE will be landing in 25 cities. The six dates of the U.S. leg met with sold-out nights at arenas in Los Angeles, Oakland, and Fort Worth. Halfway through, IVE will be hitting Atlanta, Rosemont, and Newark before heading to Europe this summer. With all the time Gaeul, Yujin, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo are spending on the road, they know a thing or two about packing the essentials. 


We need to bring big suitcases so we can fill them up with all the things we’ll shop for while we’re on tour! We can’t wait to go shopping in all the different cities.


It’s so convenient to watch shows or doodle while we’re on the move to the next place.


Reading books is such a good way to unwind and relax. It helps us pass the time while traveling too.


Of course we have to capture all the special moments we’ll have on tour! We’ll be traveling all around the world and to countries we’ve never been to. We’ll be taking a lot of photos to show our fans how we’re enjoying each stop of our tour.

Hand Cream

All the different climates we’ll be in and traveling can make our skin really dry, so we’ll always have some hand cream on us.


An essential for everyone, but especially us since we’ll be traveling and we’ll need adaptors to go along with them.


Instant ramen is a must-have for us in case we miss Korean food while we’re away and when we’re craving some spice.


It can get cold on set so we always have small blankets with us. We’ll need them on tour, too, in case the plane rides or rehearsals get chilly.


We need music while we’re traveling, so we’ll have our earphones, headphones, AirPods, everything to keep us listening and inspired.


Having cozy pajamas will help us feel comfortable and relaxed in all the hotels we’ll be staying in. We need to be well-rested so we can meet our fans.