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5 Big Ways This Independent Underground Folk Band is Blowing Up Without Selling Out

Photo Credit: Lee Hetherington

For the past two decades without a major label or mainstream radio support, Adam Ezra and his bandmates – Corinna Smith (fiddle), Alex Martin (drums), and Poche Ponce (bass) – have managed to amass a massive troupe of diehard fans all while maintaining a sterling sense of authenticity. How? The answer is in the alchemy – Adam Ezra Group’s ability to turn ordinary materials into gold with a little bit of downhome magic. Through the years, they’ve worked diligently and gratefully with what they were given to create what is now an emerging empire focused on a little bit of change and a whole ‘lotta love.

1. They prioritize their fans

It’s no secret that fans are the lifeblood of any entertainment sect, and Adam Ezra Group is well aware that their supporters drive the movement. Emerging from Boston in the early 2000s, AEG has historically treated every gig like their last, attracting a devoted following in the process through intentional intimacy and a commitment to constructing and conserving the connection. For instance, after their tour was canceled at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ezra brought the show online and created The Gathering Series, which to-date has reached a cumulative audience of 15 million. This undying, uninterrupted devotion to their fanbase is, perhaps, the mainspring of the band’s success. 

2. They keep it transparent

To put it plainly, artists don’t owe anyone anything – not even art – especially when it comes to their private lives. But with a massive platform and tight-knit community like the one Adam Ezra Group has cultivated, it becomes almost unavoidable that the fans transcend to family. That’s why the AEG socials are loaded with glimpses into Ezra’s real life, beyond the music, forging a firm bond between the band and the devoted folks who love the art they choose to put forth. As opposed to building a wall between themselves and their fans, AEG chips away at any barriers meant to cast a hierarchy. This, in addition to their activism efforts, keeps the band’s feet fastened in the real world where their music and minds can really change lives. 

Photo Credit: Lee Hetherington

3. They’re involved in projects bigger than themselves 

 Adam Ezra Group’s annual homegrown festival, The Ramble, hosted together with RallySound – an AEG-created grassroots event support system – raises money and marshals resources to help homeless veterans find safe and dignified housing. While the band was unable to bring the festival to fans live in the year of COVID, they instead incorporated it into The Gathering Series and hosted a 24-hour, nonstop livestream where they raised enough money to help house 64 veterans. What’s more, at The Ramble in 2023, after an incredible day of music, an unprecedented effort from their volunteer army, and the generosity of their inspiring community that literally spans the globe, $143,000 was raised for veteran heroes. While some may think a hyperfocus on music or image alone are what reaps the most success in the industry, AEG is proving, time and time again, that caring about people is the ultimate way to garner an indelible reputation backed by an unflinching fanbase.

4. They use Bandzoogle

Bandzoogle is the go-to hub for musicians and bands to build their website and

EPK, and manage direct-to-fan marketing and sales. The all-in-one platform features powerful design options; a commission-free store to sell music, merch, and tickets; a built-in mailing list tool; detailed fan data; integrations with social networks; and more. In 2023, musicians

made over $16.4M in commission-free revenue using the platform’s direct-to-fan sales tools. With all of this at their fingertips, Adam Ezra Group has generated more than 6-figures in revenues directly from their fans. 

“Bandzoogle allows us to turn our website into a really functional homebase for our business,” Ezra explains. “We can set up shows and create ticket links for those shows right on our website and Bandzoogle doesn’t take money from that. That’s a big game changer for us.”

5. They consistently exercise their music-making muscles 

There is no shortage of hard work when it comes to Adam Ezra Group. Ezra is consistently milking the most out of the musical journey he embarked on over two decades ago – a trek he never formulated a plan B for. “Never did I think about getting off the train,” says Ezra. “I made a pact with myself on day one.” 

These days, the band is juggling The Get Folked Tour 2024, a literal house concert event series wherein Ezra will play in as many living rooms as he can squeeze into his schedule in the name of staying folk; Operation Cozumel, a four-day summer rock cruise in and out of Tampa; and The Album Project, which will see the band releasing at least 19 new singles over the next few years. As for what’s beyond that, the only thing the Adam Ezra Group knows for sure, is they’ll be out there making music however and whenever they can.

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