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In Focus: Lisa Ramey on Recently Released Single ‘Internet’

The pop singer shares an all-too-real account of how it feels when a partner is so caught up with being online that they lose sight of what should matter to them most. 

Renowned singer-songwriter Lisa Ramey recently released her newest single ”Internet,” a pitch-perfect pop song about relationship problems in the modern era. 

St. Louis-born, New York-based artist Lisa Ramey first rose to national attention following her appearance on The Voice, where she was part of Team Legend, giving one of the show’s more memorable duets, with John Legend. Her distinctive vocals – called gritty soul-meets-passionate rock – have helped her become a household name throughout America. Following her performance on The Voice, she headlined performances with. Lauryn Hill before going to the next level with the release of her debut album, Surrender, in 2020. That album placed #34 on Good Morning America’s Top 50 Albums of 2020, between Alanis Morissette and Incubus.

Ramey has become a live-streaming icon. She’s continued to win fans by finding innovative ways to offer compelling at-home and studio performances. 

Earlier in 2023, Ramey shared her second album, Broken Smile, offering her fanbase something distinctively new. It saw her re-imagining the historically important yet virtually forgotten music of civil rights activist, Fannie Lou Hamer. In raising this music from the archives, Ramey hoped to re-awaken the past and inject Hamer’s essential songs with new meaning. “I wrote the album because I wanted to preserve awareness and recognition around Fannie’s name and legacy,” Lisa explains.

In the midst of developing Broken Smile, Lisa was also working on delivering several pop-rock songs for her wider fanbase. These included her singles “Body” and “My Creator”, which showcased the full weight of her vocal delivery. 

Ramey’s recently released single, ”Internet”, is laced with sonic cyber references (including dial-up sounds), offering a nostalgic, retro-future feel. Her track “LYLTI” aims at the often complex interpersonal dynamics that take place online: “I wish you loved me like you love the internet/I wish you loved me like you love those video games…” 

Check out Ramey’s full discography here and be sure to keep an eye out for her future releases.