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Gifts for the Musician and Music Fan This Holiday Season

Whoever said rock ‘n’ roll is dead clearly never looked at Junior’s wish list for Santa Claus this year.  

Guitars are a top priority this holiday season, at least for us here at SPIN, where inspiring our readers to channel their inner Jimi Hendrix is a driving force to keep on truckin’. Shopping for a proper new ax isn’t as easy as going to Walmart and picking up some cheap Esteban acoustic that will fall apart before New Year’s. It’s important to shop at a real music store with actual instruments, and we are presenting you with a small selection of the very best currently on the market in this special holiday gift guide. 

We also have liquor, gummies, effects pedals and even some equipment that can play CDs and cassettes to consider gifting to your loved ones as well. At least the fun ones!

Paul Reed Smith SE Silver Sky Maple

Price: $679

John Mayer first introduced the world to the Silver Sky model in 2018, collaborating with Paul Reed Smith on a guitar that delivers the warmth of a used guitar with the feel of a brand-new instrument. Available in three colors, the SE Silver Sky ups the ante of its predecessor. The 22-fret neck is 25.5 inches in length with an 8.5 inch fretboard radius for optimal comfort. When plugged in, this model’s trio of single-coil 635JM “S” pickups sing out through the amplifier. Further embellishments include a two-point steel tremolo anchor, synthetic bone nut and faux-vintage tuners. Additional design perks, like the inverted headstock shape and the PRS signature double-acting truss rod, will assist in your journey to mastering your own playing style. 

Buy the Paul Reed Smith SE Silver Sky Maple here.

Cantera Negra Reposado Tequila 

Price: $59.99

Rooted in a Mexican family tradition that goes back 40 years, Cantera Negra Reposado Tequila is a delicious ultra-premium tequila that’s additive-free and aged for a minimum of seven months (five months beyond the standard). Hand-crafted from small batch quantities, its smoky flavor hits the palate smoothly as notes of butterscotch, oak, pepper and cooked agave dance along your tastebuds. This is a tequila meant to be sipped in a tumbler, not slurped down in a shot glass. 

Buy Cantera Negra Reposado Tequila here.

Gibson Les Paul Modern Lite 

Price: $1,499 

The Gibson Les Paul continues to reinvent itself with its American-made Modern Collection. The new Modern Lite model is all that you’ve come to know and love about this historic guitar, only made thinner, lighter and more ergonomically appealing. The SlimTaper neck is ideal for a child’s hands, while its body was created with a contoured back for a more comfortable experience while rocking out. Five satin-nitrocellulose finishes with matching headstocks complete a fun look kids will dig, while open-coil 490R and 498T humbucking pickups deliver tones even adults will want to try out. 

Buy the Gibson Les Paul Modern Lite here.

Tascam CD-A580 Cassette Recorder, CD Player and USB Flash Drive Player / Recorder

Price: $699

Yes it’s true, not only are cassettes back in vogue, but CDs are on the rise again as well. Seems like streaming isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, especially when it comes to owning the music you purchase. And if you’re looking for equipment to help you play those used gems you picked up for cheap at the record shop, Tascam has you covered. The CD-A580 combines a cassette recorder, CD player and USB flash drive recorder/player into one convenient unit. Not only is it compatible with the most popular types of media, but the CD-A580 also allows cassette tapes to be dubbed to USB media. Sounding lo-fi never seemed so high-tech!

Buy the Tascam CD -A580 Cassette Recorder, Dc Player and USB Flash Drive Player / Recorder here.

Eventide Riptide

Price: $299

Searching for an effects pedal that balances your desire for both dreamy modulation and crushing distortion? Look no further than the Eventide Riptide, a multi-effects pedal that’s the product of extensive research into the legendary Uni-Vibe phase shifter of 1968 for maximum authenticity. The Riptide features not one, but two distinct voicings for each effect, all delivered in vibrant stereo. Not to mention, you can easily transition from Drive into Vibe or Vibe into Drive just like Billy Corgan does on Siamese Dream. 

Buy the Eventide Riptide here.

Living Tree Botanicals CBD Gummies

Price: $99.97 (for 3)

Enjoy a mellow holiday season this year with these all-natural full-spectrum CBD gummies from Living Tree Botanicals out of Arden, N.C. These USDA-certified all-natural treats are not only delicious but also perfect for those in need of pain relief from joint or muscle soreness, stress from work and insomnia from staying up late staring at a phone screen. Check out their website for a special “Black Friday Chillout” deal where they are offering three 30-count jars for $99.97! 

Buy Living Tree Botanical CBD Gummies here.

Gibson Custom Color Les Paul Standard

From $2,799 

Few electric guitars are as iconic as Gibson’s Les Paul Standard. The guitar is utilized by the likes of Jimmy Page, Slash, Neil Young, Ace Frehley and Frank Zappa to name a fraction of the players who swear by it. Just in time for the holiday season, the LPS is now available in a spectrum of new colorways. Now, you can choose from an array of plain or figured maple tops in solid or translucent colors respectively. The ’50s model of the LPS, meanwhile, boasts a rounder, more vintage style neck while the ’60s model is built with that aforementioned SlimTaper neck for premium shredding. These guitars were handmade at the Gibson guitar factory in Nashville, TN and come with free shipping and a lifetime warranty.

Buy the Gibson Custom Color Les Paul Standard here.

Paul Reed Smith SE McCarty 594

Price: $759

Paul Reed Smith’s SE McCarty 594 is one of the very best guitars at its price point on the market today. This vintage-looking instrument is versatile enough to deliver both single-coil and humbucking tones thanks to its dual volume and push/pull tone controls, offering uncompromised clarity in tone. Accented by the trademark PRS body shape and those memorable bird inlays, the SE McCarty 594 also includes a bound 22-fret Pattern Vintage neck and slightly thicker back for sustain. Plus, the slink factor is off the charts, allowing you to bend those tasty notes to your pleasure.

Buy the Paul Reed Smith SE McCarty 594 here.

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