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Hip Hop 50


Soup of Jurassic 5 on his first time…
Courtenay Henderson, aka Soup, of Jurassic 5
(Credit: Paul Kane/Getty Images)

When was the first time you heard rap?

The first time I heard hip-hop (not rap) was Fatback Band’s “King Tim III (Personality Jock.)” However, it didn’t hit me the same way, once I heard “Rapper’s Delight.”

Hip-hop spoke to me because, at the time, I hadn’t heard anything like it. It literally became my flavor teacher — how to talk, look, think, and research. Whereas you had Curtis Mayfield being one of the first socially conscious artists with the Impressions in the ’60s, hip-hop became mine from ‘79 until…

What do you think was the most important era in hip-hop?

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The most important eras of hip-hop for me are two (Sorry, I’m a rebel, Dottie): the early ‘70s (the beginning) and the ‘80s golden age. After those two, you couldn’t get anything past me as far as the authenticity of the art form was concerned!

How do you see hip-hop evolving in the next handful of years?

How I see hip-hop evolving in the next handful of years:

Well…………Let’s just hope the change-up is coming SOON!! I’m not a fan at the moment, there’s absolutely nothing about it that feels promising. I would love to hear some real effort and passion within it, ‘cause right now, it’s like a Fast & the Furious movie… “LET’S GO FAST, BLOW UP and BE DEAD BY THURSDAY!! 

Interview with Daniel Kohn