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Hip Hop 50


RBX (of 'The Chronic' fame) on truth-telling and the most important era
RBX (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/TheArtofDialogue)

What do you think was the most important era in hip-hop (and why)?

The first era. That was the jump-off. All of the elements were represented — turntables and mics for sounds, graffiti for looks and ambience, and the b-boys and b-girls got it poppin’!

Is truth-telling still a critical part of rap, as it was during its formative days? 

Nowadays, probably not. It seems to be more floss and whatnot. Fools have forgotten hip-hop’s essence and are lazy. Cats are always stealing. More than five artists with the same sound is corny, so if you sounding like somebody else, that can’t be truth. 

All-time favorite hip-hop fashion trends?

The super baggy jeans and the nightgown T-shirt era! 

Interview by Kyle Eustice