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Jvke on Spreading Suicide Prevention Awareness

The TikTok star uses his platform to spread love and awareness surrounding mental health
Photo Credit: Victor Boyko/Getty Images

For singer-songwriter and social media personality Jvke, it’s vital that people know they’re not alone in their struggles. Since starting to create TikTok videos during the COVID lockdown, he’s strived to share that sentiment through his music.

“It’s just the idea of checking in on people and loving them because you never know if someone might be going through something,” Jvke says, “and if you never check in, you might never know that they were going through something.”

Jvke is passionate about spreading awareness of suicide prevention. With the release of his latest single, “This Is What Losing Someone Feels Like,” he partnered with the 998 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline to promote its text function, which he says could be more accessible to his generation: “It’s up to date, and I feel like it’s authentic to us. We like to text. It’s unintimidating.”

The singer says that his friends and family offer stability while navigating his own career, and he encourages other musicians to find a solid support system. “I think a lot of artists experience loneliness,” he says, “and we have a lot of stories to back that up, of artists who just kind of get stuck in a rut and can’t really get out.”

Ahead of releasing his new single, Jvke notes he’s seen online comments from people saying that his music saved their lives: “You don’t know the sort of impact that you’re having. It might just be a video that pops up and really impacts somebody, and gives them a reason to live, maybe. … It really gives a lot of purpose to the music I’m making.”

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