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Hip Hop 50


Egyptian Lover on the power of the original era, and whether hip-hop is staying vital
Egyptian Lover
Egyptian Lover (Credit: Courtesy of Egyptian Lover)

What are your favorite and least favorite hip-hop fashion trends?

My all-time favorite is the ’80s with Run-DMC wearing the Adidas tracksuits with the big gold chains. I absolutely had to go get every color with Cazal shades to match. My least favorite is most definitely the skirts and dresses [people] were wearing. I guess I’m too old to understand this fashion statement.

What do you think was the most important era in hip-hop?

The beginning was the most important because it taught the next generation how to do it. There were so many styles. Like the uptempo “Planet Rock” style like what I was doing. That is my go-to. I absolutely love the dance music hip-hop—Cybotron, Pretty Tony, Soulsonic Force. The clubs were boomin’, and this style had them dancing hard.

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Do you think the genre is still vital, or has it been watered down from commercialness?

I think it’s both. There are so many styles of hip-hop. It’s now pop and underground and everything in between. I think it’s really amazing how big it is and how everyone can do their own thing. It’s definitely growing and will not stop. 

Interview by Kyle Eustice