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Renforshort on How Touring Can Be an Emotional ‘Rollercoaster’

While alt-pop artist says playing live is "such a thrill," she admits that traveling can be "super isolating"
(Credit: Lorne Thomson/Redferns)

Rising alt-pop artist renforshort is already an experienced stage performer, with major festival slots like Lollapalooza and Firefly on her resumé. While the journey so far has been rewarding, the singer-songwriter also knows it’s important to focus on her mental health, especially after a show.

“It’s the most varied kind of emotional experience, such a rollercoaster, because you play a show, [there’s a] rush of endorphins, and you meet fans,” she tells SPIN. “It’s so exciting and such a thrill. You feel so welcomed and so meant to be there, and then you get on a bus and drive for 12 hours. You’re alone in your bunk, and it’s super isolating. It’s super tough mentally.”

renforshort says she’s still trying to find a balance between the intensity of performing versus the downtime she has on the road.

“I haven’t really found the balance yet,” she admits. “There’s not a lot of times when you end up in, like, Pecos, Tx. So you’re going to go see these things and explore and go to this place that no one you know has been to and have stories about it.”

Though she jokes that she does “nothing good for herself” on the road, ren still maintains a positive attitude and says that, at some point, she’d love to be motivated enough to work out or go for a run. Still, she always gets a boost when fans express how much they love her music. “It’s cool when people [say], ‘I feel this way too,'” she says of fan feedback to her songs. “And then I’m like, ‘Oh, gosh,’ that’s special.”

Sharing her final thoughts, she adds, “Don’t be afraid to reach out. People love you. Be nice to yourself and to others.”

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