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World Traveler Belinda Carlisle Picks Her 10 Essential Cities Across The Globe

From Marrakech to Mexico (where she currently calls home), the Go-Go’s frontwoman tells us which places are “the most exciting” and “not for the fainthearted”
(Credit: Photo courtesy of Belinda Carlisle via Ken Philips Publicity Group)

The Go-Go’s are one of the most essential bands in rock ‘n roll history. Belinda Carlisle, the iconic frontwoman, flipped the glamor switch on punk rock, made us want to learn to water-ski and jump into–and dance in–any fountain we passed by. 

Whether with The Go-Go’s or as a solo artist, Carlisle has remained an essential figure in pop culture for over four decades—and counting. Her latest EP is the five-song Kismet—which features the Diane Warren penned pop-dance number, “Big Big Love.” Carlisle’s voice sounds as honey smooth as it always has, bringing light and depth to both the high-energy and emotive songs, which are a reflection of her wide-ranging world view.

Partner in a rare one-time-only musician marriage, Carlisle has been with the same man, the multi-hyphenate Morgan Mason (son of actor James Mason), for almost 40 years. Willing sufferers of wanderlust, they’ve made their homes in France, Thailand, and, currently, Mexico, and have explored every corner of the globe.

Carlisle’s Instagram handle is @travels_with_mrs_mason – and travel she does. Her follow-worthy posts, both #TBT and current, show her in all manner of cosmopolitan and exotic spots, looking fresh and refined and living her best, most aspirational life. She picks her most essential cities from across the globe for us at SPIN.


(Credit: Christie Goodwin)



I love the energy, the divine chaos, the crumbling havelis, the food stalls, the temples, and gurdwaras. I most definitely have a past life in this city. It’s not for everyone, but I love it.



The most beautiful city in the world. Wonder around every corner. I wish I had lived here…the food of course is SO GOOD!!!



It’s like my second home. It has such an energy–it’s been through so much and still is so vibrant.  


New York  

Nothing like that feeling when you are coming into Manhattan from the airport and seeing that skyline. It’s the most exciting city in the world…STILL!


Mexico City

My home, the best food, art, architecture–and you can still feel the Aztec/Mayan/Toltec vibes. More museums than Paris! I thrive here!!!



Sophisticated, beautiful, and so much amazing history, and Cafe Sacher, of course.



Authentic India in all of its beauty and horror. I love the Bengali energy—not for the fainthearted though. The architecture is so beautiful—that British Raj era left some great buildings behind. 



When I was a young girl I wanted to be Anita Ekberg and live La Dolce Vita on the Via Veneto. I saved my money to do just that as a teen and then life took a different turn. Next life….



I love getting lost in the labyrinth of the medina, just wandering, shopping for kaftans and carpets.



A city full of ghosts. Nothing like this place—it is so full of magic. It’s literally time travel when I go there. I love just getting lost in the Grand Bazaar.