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‘An Angry Beast of a Machine:’ The Guitar Geek Tests New Fender Models

Latest installment of the SPIN Creator Series sees Andy Ferris demo new models
Andy Feris
(Credit: Courtesy of Andy Ferris)

Andy Ferris knows a thing or two about guitars. Also known as the Guitar Geek, Ferris is known as one of the most passionate and knowledgeable guitar reviewers in the world. Thus, we thought it would be perfect if he tested out several of Fender’s latest models.

Unlike other companies, Fender provided Ferris models fresh out of the box or, the same models that consumers would receive. In his demonstration, Ferris tests out the new models from the guitar giant’s Made in Mexico Player Series, specifically the Player Jazzmaster and the Player Plus Stratocaster.

In addition to being a man with great taste in guitars, he also performs in Black Velvet Creme. Ferris took these guitars to the band’s rehearsal where he (on the Jazzmaster) and his bandmate, Steve Roxx (on the Strat) and jammed. After Roxx approved of the guitar, Ferris went back to his studio to test the guitars on his own.

“This is an angry beast of a machine,” Ferris said of the Player Jazzmaster after playing it at band practice. After describing and playing with each guitar, he shared his expert opinion of each. It was a close race, but one captures his favor more than the other.

Watch Ferris’ review of the Player Jazzmaster and the Player Plus Stratocaster below.


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