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The Toll of Living Life by the Drop: Margo Price Tells Her Truth

Margo Price has said goodbye to the "monotony of getting stuck in the cycle of drinking". (Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images for CMT)

Country star Margo Price tells SPIN IMPACT that she allocates revenue from a line of weed that she started with Willie Nelson to help people of color locked up for marijuana: legal offences that she takes issue with.

“It’s just been important for me to talk about just my relationship with the plant,” Price says, “because I’ve really struggled a lot in my life with alcohol abuse, and cannabis has always been there for me.”

Since extracting herself from the bottle, “all my days have very different shapes to them,” says Price.

Back when she leaned hard on the bottle, “every day you’re gonna wake up with a hangover; you’re gonna have to find 10 different drinks and all the different food to try to make you feel better. And then probably by five o’clock again, you’re just gonna be going back into the same thing.”

Drinking presented itself as an easy remedy for anxiety, says Price, but in fact it “absolutely intensified my anxiety”.

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