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Don’t Weaponize Mental Health, Says Folk Dynamo Jake Blount

Musician and ethnomusicologist sings the songs of, and speaks up for, the downtrodden
Jake Blount
"You do have to cultivate a strong boundary within yourself," says Jake Blount (Credit: Max Sharp)

“It’s so upsetting to see people weaponizing mental health,” says Jake Blount, award-winning performer of bluegrass, African-American spirituals, and folk, and champion of LGBTQ rights.

Blount, who identifies as queer, is talking about the politicization of transition treatments and therapies for transgender youth.

The Providence, RI, based singer also talks to SPIN IMPACT about the stress of touring, his tools for maintaining a healthy frame of mind on the road, and how the music industry as a whole can be better advocates and supporters of marginalized people – even simply by hiring more.

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