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How to Dress Like Harry Styles: A Fan’s Guide

Coachella Cowboy, the TikTok sweater, "Late Night Talking" pajamas, and more

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We, as a society, look to Harry Styles for many things. Optimism. Vulnerability. Soaring pop ballads. And fashion. From his mop-haired lumberjack days in One Direction to the oversize Marge Simpson pearls he’s been rocking on the Love On Tour shows, Styles’ penchant for the eccentric gives us all license to let our true colors run wild, too. And at his shows — and Harryween, of course — it’s standard practice to arrive in some era of Harry garb. After all, the bigger the boa, the closer to God. This is why when you spot an errant feather flapping in the wind, seemingly out of place in the cold, grey city, you’ll know. Harry’s close.

Below, SPIN has collected eight essential looks, for all your Harry holiday needs. Dupes below!

Barbiecore Cowboy Harry

When Harry Styles joined forces with Shania Twain at Coachella 2022, he paid deference to the country music legend by wearing a custom Western-style fit that screamed: “Let’s go girls.”

Faux Fur Coat (pink) on Amazon: $22.71
Petite Cropped Tailored Vest (Pink) from Nasty Gal: $36
Petite Pleat Front Wide-Leg Pants from Nasty Gal: $42
Diamante Embellished Waist Belt from Nasty Gal: $16
Everjoy Realistic Black Butterfly Temporary Tattoo: $6.99

Inducting Stevie Nicks Harry

In 2020, Harry Styles got down on one knee and inducted Stevie Nicks, one of his musical heroes, into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There was no leather nor lace, but he instead wore an elegant royal blue velvet pantsuit. (Bonus points if you can get someone who wants to dress up as Stevie, which should be pretty easy.)

(Far left) Libodu Velvet Women’s Pantsuits in Royal Blue: $65.99
(Middle) Appaman’s Mod Suit in Seaport Velvet: $120
(Far Right) ASOS Design Kick-Flare Pants in Blue: $35

Bold ‘Love On Tour’ Harry

Love On Tour has brought out some bold statements from our sweet pop prince. During a recent stop in St. Louis, he wore something close to this outfit, which we’re including on this Halloween list since you could also tell people you’re just a sassy pumpkin. Who isn’t?

PrettyLittleThing Orange Satin Button-Down Front Shirt: $21 (50% off!)
ASOS Frolic Flare Tailored Pants in Orange Satin: $61
Orange Feather Boa on Amazon: $9.99

Coy ‘Love On Tour’ Harry

These everyday Harry Styles staples can be combined like so, or peppered separately into any look. A heart sticker adds a certain je ne sais quoi to any Harry ensemble.

ONO Hearts Tee on Etsy: $28.99
Women’s Large Simulated Pearl Statement Necklace: $13.99
3D Heart Nail Art Stickers on Amazon: $6.99

One Direction Harry 

For a last-resort Harry Styles costume, behold the 2010s One Direction era. A time when we loved the Lumineers and dressed as if blogging required actual physical labor. But if this is your Harry and you’re determined to do him justice, this wig will turn this costume up to 11.

Boohoo Oversize Flannel Shirt: $16 (60% off!)
ASOS DESIGN Skinny Jeans in Clean Black: $29
PacSun Structured Fedora Hat: $20.30
Steve Madden Women’s Leopold Chelsea Boot in Chestnut Suede 1: $71 – $163

Clueless Harry 

Who could forget when Harry Styles dressed in Cher Horowitz drag at the 2021 Grammy Awards? This meta Halloween costume combines a lot of different fabrics and textures, and you could probably get away with wearing it in the office.

Touch of Nature Lavender Boa on Amazon: $8.99
Bubledon Open Front Blazer in Yellow-Plaid: $37
Cato Fashions Velvet Wide Leg Pants: $24.99
Sdencin Women Houndstooth Pattern Knit Sweater Vest: $27.99

TikTok Sweater Harry 

When Harry Styles wore this (frankly, monstrous) cardigan while rehearsing for The Today Show, the world could not look away. The bulky statement piece went viral on TikTok with crafty fans feverishly crocheting dupes. And soon, because life is like this, real fashion designers followed suit. Check in your parents’ attic before you buy one of these.

Multi-Color Embroidery Cardigan on Etsy: $65
Enjoy Health Eat Your Honey Harry Merch Aesthetic T-Shirt: $17.99
Women’s Pearl Necklace White Pearl Strand Necklace on Amazon: $9.99

“Late Night Talking” Harry 

Behold the investment piece: a custom made copy of the pajamas Harry wears in the “Late Night Talking” video. This choice says that you are the kind of superfan who wants to marry Harry and be Harry. In this pajama set, that isn’t psychotic. It’s attainable!

Harry Inspired Late Night Talking Pajamas on Etsy: $84.74
And don’t forget the wig: $17.99

Additional writing, editing, design by Sarah Grant.