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Belle and Sebastian Release ‘If They’re Shooting At You’ in Support of Ukraine War Victims

The track expresses the band's solidarity with those impacted by the crisis in Ukraine
Belle and Sebastian
(Credit: Hollie Fernando)

Belle and Sebastian have unveiled their latest song “If They’re Shooting At You,” in support of those affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The song was released alongside a visual element featuring a collage of pictures taken by photographers covering the conflict on the ground in Ukraine. Through the release of this video, Belle and Sebastian want to offer a message of “hope and solidarity” during the crisis.

The band also announced they will be pledging all artist income from the song (streaming and digital sales) to the Red Cross. Donations made through Bandcamp will also be matched by the UK government until March 18.

When asked about the song, Belle and Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch said: “We had one track called ‘If They’re Shooting At You’, it’s a song about being lost, broken and under threat of violence. The key line is ‘if they’re shooting at you kid you must be doing something right. We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and hope that their pain and suffering can be brought to a halt as soon as possible.”

Belle and Sebastian recently announced their latest album A Bit of Previous which will be released on Matador Records on May 6. This will be their first album in seven years.