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Josh Klinghoffer’s Pluralone Shares New Song ‘Claw Your Way Out’

This is Klinghoffer's third solo record
Josh Klinghoffer
(Credit: Emily Ulmer)

Josh Klinghoffer, under the moniker Pluralone, embraced the desolation of the pandemic to create the opposite.

The ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist spent the past year working on new music. Before he heads out on the road as part of Eddie Vedder’s Earthlings next week, Klinghoffer shared a new Pluralone single titled “Claw Your Way Out.”



“Claw Your Way Out” features former Jane’s Addiction bassist Eric Avery and Dot Hacker bandmate Eric Gardner on drums. The song was produced by another Dot Hacker bandmate, guitarist Clint Walsh.

Its dreamy synths surround sharp beats and Klinghoffer’s high-pitched drawl, and as a whole, renders his growth in musicianship as a solo artist. The chorus allows the synths to trickle over Klinghoffer’s persuasive croon, “claw your way out, claw your way out.”

Klinghoffer released his first solo record, To Be One With You, in late 2019, which was the same year he landed a supporting slot on Pearl Jam’s Gigaton world tour. When the pandemic struck, Klinghoffer went on to release his second full-length album, I Don’t Feel Well, partly inspired by his friend, bassist Juan Alderete, who was seriously injured in a biking accident that left him in a coma right before Klinghoffer was set to record the album.