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Bonobo Announces New Album With Single ‘Rosewood’

'Fragments' will feature a line of collaborators, release set for 2022
CREDIT:Gordon Stabbins / Contributor

Bonobo announced his newest record Fragments, slated for release in January 2022 via Ninja Tune. Today, he released the album’s first single “Rosewood.”

This is the British DJ’s follow up to his Grammy-nominated, 2017 Migration. On Tuesday, 12 mysterious billboards teasing Bonobo’s upcoming project appeared across the world. A new website for the electronic performer (a.k.a. Simon Green) was also launched, where fans can find all things relating to Bonobo.

Fragments will feature a string of collaborators, including Jamila Woods, Joji, Kadhja Bonet, Jordan Rakei, and O’Flynn. It will mark the return of the 45-year-old producer as his seventh album.

The video for Bonobo’s track “Cirrus” notably amassed over 16 million views on his YouTube, released back in 2013. He performed the hit song at Glastonbury the following year. Originally from across the pond, the eclectic musician, producer, and DJ is now based in Los Angeles. Even as an electronic artist, his sound encompasses a wide span, touching the likes of trip-hop, jazz, and world music.

Green’s music debut was in the late ’90s on the Tru Thoughts compilation When Shapes Join Together. His sound has since evolved to a nonetheless soothing aura, and both Bonobo and his music revel in his massive, exciting live shows.