Tori Amos Shares ‘Speaking With Trees’

Tori Amos
Credit: Desmond Murray

Tori Amos dropped a single “Speaking With Trees” off Ocean to Ocean, her first album in four years.

As most of the world, Amos faced some darker times and mental obstacles during the pandemic. “Speaking With Trees” releases her pent-up frustration from solitude: “I’ve been hiding your ashes under the tree house don’t be surprised I cannot let you go.”

Listen to the song below.



Ocean to Ocean consists of realizations from her time in the lockdown, and explores what she learned of love, friendship, and splitting her time between Cornwall, Florida and on the road. It also strains from the impact of the storm on the Capitol on January 6 that resonated with Amos.

Ocean to Ocean is due October 29 via Decca Records. The vinyl release will follow on January 28, 2022. Fans can pre-order a signed CD format and exclusive blue-vinyl edition on Center Stage’s website.

Of the album, here’s what Amos had to say:

“We have all had moments that can knock us down. This record sits with you where you are, especially if you are in a place of loss. I am fascinated when someone has gone through a tragedy, and how they work through their grief. That is where the gold is. When somebody is actually at that place, thinking “I’m done”, how do you reach that person? Sometimes it’s not about a pill, or a double shot of tequila. It’s about sitting in the muck together. I’m going to meet you in the muck.”

Amos will set off on a UK tour in February 2022, and fans can purchase tickets on Amos’ website.


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