Sam Evian Trips With an Alien in New Video

Sam Evian released the video for the title track off his forthcoming record, Time to Melt.



Opening with a serene, birds-eye-view of the luscious green hills surrounding his home, Evian is nestled within them, tending to a fire with his pup. He walks over to an unsuspected toilet in the forest, with a bright light bursting out from it. As if the light made him start tripping acid, a white-Morph-suited figure begins to dance for Evian, beginning the groovy, space-jazz song. Evian nonchalantly and not surprisingly accepts a joint from the sunglasses-wearing alien, and joins in on the Elvis/Bee Gees, free-spirited dancing. The drug-synced duo then sprays some can of “Melt!” into their mouths, sending their trip into the stars, and then finishing with a nap on the forest grounds.

This venture is exactly what the song seeks out. “It’s time to melt it’s what we do / If anything will comfort me / It’s knowing that we’ll be free.” The song was inspired by Evian’s interview for the book Mirror Sound, about musicians that self-record. After being asked to see his writing process, Evian turned on his drum machine and wrote the beginning of “Time to Melt.” “If you’re familiar with tarot, I think of it as pulling the death card in a positive way,” Evian said. “It’s like facing the idea of death, which I think everyone thought about a lot this past year, maybe more than usual collectively.”

Time to Melt is out on October 29 via Fat Possum.

“I met a lonely alien in the woods and they taught me a jig,” Evian said. “As the night went on they convinced me to try huffing some special kind of bug spray, which opened a wormhole vortex to another dimension.”

In October, Evian will embark on a North American tour. Fans can purchase tickets on his website.

Sam Evian Tour Dates

Fri. Oct. 29 – Hamden, CT @ Space Ballroom *
Sat. Oct. 30 – Woodstock, NY @ The Colony *
Wed. Nov. 3 – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom *
Thu. Nov. 4 – Boston, MA @ The Sinclair *
Fri. Nov. 5 – Asbury Park, NJ @ The Saint *
Sat. Nov. 6 – Washington, DC @ DC9 *
Wed. Nov. 10 – Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brendas *
Thu. Nov. 11 – Holyoke, MA @ Gateway City Arts *
Fri. Nov. 12 – Providence, RI @ Columbus Theatre *
Sat. Nov. 13 – Portland, ME @ Space Gallery *
Fri. Nov. 19 – Amagansett, NY @ Stephen Talkhouse
Sat. Nov. 20 – Troy, NY @ The Hangar *
* = with Liam Kazar



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