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Hear Eddie Vedder’s Daughter Olivia’s Debut Song ‘My Father’s Daughter’

Sean Penn and Eddie Vedder go way back both as pals and collaborators. If you remember, Vedder’s proper solo debut came with the soundtrack to Penn’s 2007 film Into the Wild, and he even won a Golden Globe for his efforts.

Now, the duo have reteamed for the soundtrack to Penn’s latest film, Flag Day, which is a family affair in many senses. Penn’s daughter Dylan stars in the film, and Vedder’s daughter Olivia makes her proper recording debut with a performance of “My Father’s Daughter” (written by dad and Glen Hansard).

The video for “My Father’s Daughter” features the Penns and showcases the bonds between fathers and daughters (as you might expect), and the piano ballad highlights Olivia’s tender vocals.

“After this flood of gorgeous songs from Cat Power, Glen Hansard, and Eddie Vedder, we were just about to do a final mix on the film when Ed sent me Olivia singing ‘My Father’s Daughter.’ It became just the perfect cherry on top of the sundae,” Penn said in a statement.

Check it out below.



The rest of the soundtrack features four new songs (three originals and a cover of Kristján Kristjánsson) by none other than Cat Power, the older Vedder covering R.E.M.‘s “Drive” from Automatic for the People and three Vedder/Hansard collaborations with “Flag Day,” “I’ll Be Waiting and “Wave.”

Check out the full tracklist below.

Flag Day Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Tracklist:

1. Olivia Vedder – “My Father’s Daughter”
2. Glen Hansard & Eddie Vedder – “Flag Day”
3. Cat Power – “I Think Of Angels” (Kristján Kristjánsson cover)
4. Glen Hansard & Eddie Vedder – “Tender Mercies”
5. Glen Hansard & Eddie Vedder – “Rather Be Home”
6. Cat Power – “I Am A Map”
7. Glen Hansard – “As You Did Before”
8. Olivia Vedder, Glen Hansard, & Eddie Vedder – “There’s A Girl”
9. Glen Hansard & Eddie Vedder – “I’ll Be Waiting”
10. Cat Power – “I Will Follow”
11. Glen Hansard & Eddie Vedder – “Wave”
12. Eddie Vedder – “Drive” (R.E.M. cover)
13. Cat Power – “Dream”