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RAP TV Expands Into Reggaeton For Social Media News

RapTV is looking to change the media consumption game. The company, which operates through Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and a website, has become a one-stop-shop for consumers of all things pop culture, with a heavy emphasis on hip-hop culture.

RapTV began simply enough, as founder Daniel Snow wanted a place where he could keep up with his favorite artists, new releases, and rising stars. He didn’t know of such a place that existed, so in 2017, he started RapTV, leveraging the rapid posting styles of sites like Twitter and Instagram to deliver immediate news, and offering blog posts and videos for more in-depth analysis.

While RapTV was an instant hit, it evolved into a test case for what, exactly, can be enhanced by the RapTV model. With a rapidly growing following (20,000 per day) RapTV is poised to continue taking over the industry. Along with the growing popularity from rap fans across the globe, RapTV has become one of the primary outlets for record labels to distribute information pertaining to their artists and brands to engage with culture. RapTV works closely with record labels such as Columbia, Interscope, Atlantic Records, and many more. RapTV has also begun covering relevant topics outside of hip-hop and have had success collaborating with brands such as BMW and FashionNova, in this sense, RapTV is on its way to becoming much more than just a digital community, but a global driver of culture.

It’s this last point that is key to the entire RapTV mission. While rap remains an important focus and passion for the brand, audiences have created a demand for RapTV style coverage of a broad range of topics. Because of the company’s dedication to passionate, insightful, thorough, and thoughtful coverage, the team can apply these practices to any sort of marketable entity.

One of the first projects in this expanded scope is ReggaetonTV. Though still relatively fresh on the scene, ReggateonTV has become a crucial connector for artists in the space who have already engaged with RapTV and have begun building their following through the various RapTV entities. Much of the evolution of ReggaetonTV has been in trying to find a particular emphasis of coverage in a lane that isn’t yet covered. ReggaetonTV currently lives on Instagram but there are plans of growing on TikTok as well, a formula that the RapTV team has had success with previously.

RapTV comes from a place of necessity. Redundancy is a kiss of death for the brand, so they find communities that have been underserved by the media landscape and cover these various scenes with the respect and depth they deserve. The success of ReggaetonTV speaks for itself. The Instagram account affiliated with the project has accrued over 100,000 followers in under two weeks, and has quickly become the go-to source for reggaeton and reggaeton-adjacent fans across the internet.

ReggaetonTV is emphasizing a massive and woefully undercovered Latin American market through the same principles that have proven successful for RapTV. The company’s core value is to emphasize people and the conversations that make culture the fascinating firebrand it’s come to represent in our culture. With future aims on original content and continuing to provide exclusive content, and breaking news, RapTV has already established itself as a premier force in music coverage, while still hinting at massive potential still to be fulfilled.