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Tom Morello Gives Viral Rage Against the Machine TikTok His Stamp of Approval

Photo: Scott Dudelson / WireImage

Despite pushing back their reunion tour until next year, Rage Against the Machine has been more popular than ever in 2020 and 2021 as protests broke out all over the world, fighting for social justice. While they’ve seen a resurgence, TikTok user @thejacobgivens posted a video that absolutely nails how we all felt when we first heard the band’s song “Freedom” for the first time in 1993.

Playing two characters in the clip, Givens exclaims “You DO have to rage against it!” after asking what the band’s name is. The other character then comments that Zack De La Rocha “sounds so ANGRY!”

“And now I’m angry about what he’s angry about!” he adds. “I’m angry… but I’m learning.”

His mind then gets absolutely blown by the song’s aggressive outro, and it’s something we all can relate to.

Paul Bae shared the clip on Twitter, and Tom Morello retweeted it with his approval, writing: “One time for the people in the back!”

Relive the earth-shattering moment you first heard “Freedom” below.

Last year, we named Rage as our No. 10 most influential artist of the past 35 years.