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Ted Nugent Says He ‘Knocked the Shit Out’ of COVID With Fake Science

NASHVILLE, TN - AUGUST 12: Ted Nugent performs at the Charlie Daniels 2015 Volunteer Jam at Bridgestone Arena on August 12, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Webster Public Relations)

Ted Nugent has “knocked the shit out” of COVID-19, according to a recent YouTube livestream held by the guitarist.

The “Cat Scratch Fever” rocker claims he beat the deadly disease he originally believed was “a leftist scam” and still doesn’t seem to understand, by using a combination of diet, vitamins, and medication that has been scientifically proven not to work. Of course, he also received some “intelligent, professionally guided care” from the misinformation experts at America’s Frontline Doctors — the ones who backed the now-debunked hydroxychloroquine treatment for COVID promoted by the disgraced former host of The Apprentice.

“I eat in smart proportions, and I eat wild game, and I eat organic vegetables by the bucketful,” the Nuge said when asked by his wife Shemane how he stays healthy (as originally transcribed by “I have good natural juice that Shemane makes for me. We take the Isagenix, a type of vitamins. And, of course, since the Wuhan virus assault took place way back in 2019, we have pounded the zinc. All my life, I’ve taken the B12, vitamin D — D fortifies your immune system — a solid C, and now I’m taking the elderberry, and I take zinc every day. And I was on the hydroxychloroquine and the ivermectin and the steroids, along with those good vitamins, and I knocked the shit out of this Chinese virus after about a week. Some of my buddies, many of whom got the vaccine and still got the Chinese virus. They wore masks, and they still got the Chinese virus. They social distanced and they still got the Chinese virus. So, c’mon! Who believes the CDC or Fauci?”

Normally, we would put a warning here that Nugent isn’t a doctor and the vast majority of his recommendations likely do nothing for COVID-19, and thus you shouldn’t follow his regimen if you’re feeling ill. But really, if you’re trusting the Nuge over doctors when it comes to medical advice these days, you probably just think the whole thing is a hoax anyway.

Check out the full video of Nugent’s livestream below if you’ve got time and brain cells to spare.